My CBD Story!


I’m Lisa and I’m so glad you stopped in! ...I have been researching and teaching natural and alternative health for almost 15 years now.  So, when my little guy started having anxiety to the point where it was affecting his life, school, and our whole family I went on a mission to find something that would help him.

We tried different diet changes and supplements with little to no improvement. Then, I read a powerful article about CBD oil helping kids with all kinds of issues.  So, I’ve spent the last year researching CBD oil: what it’s all about, how it works and how to find the right one.  I’m very picky about ingredients so it was important to me to find a brand that was clean and safe. I wanted organic, grown in the US and independently tested for purity and CBD value. I also was finding it to be quite expensive and what if it didn’t work? Well, Hempworx is organic, non-GMO, grown in the US and has a great price with a 60 day money back guarantee!! But, would it work? Amazingly, my son was a different kid by day 3! The results were miraculous!  He is now calm and happy most days.

Now, we all use it! I use it to manage stress and anxiety (I have 3 kids btw…) and notice my joints and muscles feel better. (Hello 47) My teenager sleeps better and is off his ADHD meds, and my husband has reduced his stress!

I have since been able to help so many people feel better, manage pain, reduce stress and watch their kids get happy.

My hope is that you will learn more about Hemp- derived CBD oil here than you knew yesterday.  And you will be able to make informed choices to take charge of your health using the healing power of the cannabis plant.

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I'm a mom of 3, wife of 1, sun worshiping water girl, photographer, health educator, baker, entrepreneur, voracious reader, crafter, CBD advocate and green smoothie lover. (for starters...)

*I help people create freedom; physically & financially so they can spend more time living the life that they are meant to.*

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