Hempworx Certification

Hempworx Certification is our solid proof that we are giving our customers a full disclosure of our products including our lab tests to make sure that we are capable of handling their trusts.

Hempworx Performed series of certifications and documentations to provide customers 100% transparency on their products because we also performed some third party documentation. Check the certifications below that Hempworx have.

CBD Oil Certificaion on
Gas Chromatography

Hempworx Certification
Hempworx Certification 2
Hempworx Certification 3
Hempworx Certification 4
Hempworx Certification 5
Hempworx Certification 6

CBD Oil Certification for Analysis

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Analysis 2
Certificate of Analysis 3
Certificate of Analysis 4

CBD Oil Certification for
Antimicrobial Test Data and Potency Tests

Want to see more CBD Oil Certification of Hempworx?

If these CBD Oil Certifications aren't proof enough for you. You can visit our full list of our  certified lab tests.

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